Artfully designed for inspired living.

We’ve built a southern estate. And it feels exactly the way it should – just like home. Thoughtful, single-story architecture combines with personal touches to drive engagement and, more importantly, happiness. Discover all-inclusive Independent and Assisted Living.

Our residences feature Southern charm (among other things).

  • Personal Kitchens

  • Solid Surface Countertops

  • Stainless Appliances

  • High Ceilings

  • Big Windows

  • Wireless High-Speed Internet

  • Cable Television

  • Smart Home Devices

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Integration

  • Pet-friendly

  • Ample Storage Space

  • Water

  • Electricity

  • Parking

Enjoy the best of both worlds

Combine all the convenience, fun, freedom, and flexibility of our wellness resort-style living with all-inclusive care and services if and when you need them.

  • All Community Social Activities

  • All Community Wellness Activities

  • Local Transportation

  • Daily Meal Service

  • Room Service

  • Daily Bed Making Service

  • Personal Laundry Services

  • Weekly Housekeeping and Linen Laundry Services

  • 24-Hour Nursing Care

  • Daily Medication Management

  • Daily Blood Pressure Check

  • Pre- or Post-Surgical Eye Drops

  • Medication Delivery

  • Personal Call Reminders

  • Personal Wellness Assessments

  • Daily Personal Assistance
    Bathing, Grooming, Dressing

  • Personal Escort Within Community

  • Daily Personal Toileting / Incontinence Assistance

Our doors may not be open yet, but we’re in the neighborhood.
Let’s get to know each other.

We’d love to meet you!

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Awaken your soul.

When mind and body are in harmony, peace and tranquility are inevitable.

Indulge your senses and find daily joy in our world-class spa and wellness center.

Discover the many ways to live well each and every day.

Holistic integration of health and wellness.

Harmony is a wellness program for those of all levels, good for body and soul. Live group classes foster camaraderie, with participants drawing energy and inspiration from each other.

You won’t find treadmills here. Our thoughtful equipment selection is targeted to give you exactly what you need and none of what you don’t.

Wellness classes and personal and group training sessions are available 7 days a week. So join in and help keep your body as strong as your spirit.

This one’s a classic. Just like it sounds. Free your mind and become one with your partner and the music.

A special class dedicated to strengthening the body, using only the body. Participate in functional exercises without weights, incorporating slow and controlled movements to increase force production and dynamic stabilization.

Take time for yourself and re-set your mind. Focus on breathing and ease tensions throughout mind and body. Calming sounds and aromatherapy accompany this commitment to peacefulness and wellbeing.

For those who love the wellness experience but getting on and off the floor is challenging, this class is ideal. Using chairs, bands, and light weights, you’ll focus on improved strength, joint health, and good posture.

A unique cycling class dedicated to keeping high-spinning RPMs. Intervals with quick muscle contractions of varying durations but with low amounts of resistance. Benefits include activating your nervous system and muscles at your maximal speed. Space is limited, so come early.

A variety of dynamic flexibility exercises, designed to reduce joint viscosity and improve elasticity and function.

Party for good health and well being. Bring old friends and meet new ones, as these choreographed dance moves progress from simple to challenging. This fun class with lively music improves neurological and neuromuscular function.

Enjoy a group walk each morning, designed to progressively improve your cardiovascular and overall health.

A boot camp-style class, fostering agility and mobility. Challenge yourself! Navigate around obstacles and work on coordinated movements, using cones, bands, and taped marks on the ground – all while improving function, balance, and movement confidence.

“Prehab” movements fight off neck and shoulder pain and retaliate against a kyphotic spine. These light and focused exercises add strength and endurance to the muscles that help keep you erect and tall.

Improve joint health and function while restoring your soul. This form of yoga uses specialized props and cushions to prevent the loss of balance. Designed to boost emotional, mental, and physical relaxation by emphasizing meditation, breathing, and muscle lengthening.

Let your body move to the music. A fun and sexy way to transform your life which just may become your new favorite thing.

Release and breathe. Myofascial release is combined with deep breathing exercises to thwart muscle tension and improve blood flow, digestion, and mental clarity.

Upper body conditioning with boxing gloves, but no bag. This innovative, interval-style class helps improve muscular endurance, core strength, and posture – effects that will carry over to improve your mind and total body.

Traditional art form using self-defense and calisthenics techniques, while moving with grace and purpose. Progressive movements enhance strength and blood flow with synergy of mind, body, and spirit.

Fresh, farm-to-table goodness.
Anywhere. Anytime.

Here’s our promise: Eat where you want, when you want.

In our dining rooms, tavern, courtyards, living rooms, or even your own residence – the choice is yours. Our chefs prepare seasonal, locally inspired menus (and a few off-menu special requests). We’re confident you’ll find exactly what you want.

Green thumb? We’ve got two!

There’s something gratifying about turning a patch of dirt into a bountiful garden. Not to mention the hours happily spent in the fresh air and sunshine. So dig in and create your own natural goodness! Our courtyards include beautiful greenhouses, fire pits, and even a tree bosque for peaceful reading.

Best seat in town.

Whether it’s early morning coffee and newspapers or early evening drinks with friends, our tavern is where you’ll want to be. Oh, and did we mention the games?


‘Cause we can all use a little unconditional love.

As we get closer to opening, we’ll be working with our corporate charity, The Mavros Fund, to adopt two amazing pups. Check back soon for updates.

We give back.

Because not everyone is as lucky as we are.

Charleston, SC is a beautiful, thriving community and we love being a part of it. From furry friends to human ones, we have numerous opportunities to get involved. Have an idea or a passion? Bring it with you – we’d love to help!

Come by for a visit.

Want to experience Wildcat Senior Living first-hand? Reach out to us and we’ll arrange a visit. Or, just take a drive and drop by!